Why Funeral Directors Should Offer DVD Tribute Videos

Why Funeral Directors Should Offer DVD Tribute Videos

Increasingly, visitors to funeral homes are viewing slideshows of photographs depicting the life of the deceased, usually accompanied by music. If you haven’t considered offering video tributes to your clients, you might be missing an opportunity to provide another valuable service.

Tribute videos can be shown during visitation hours and funeral services, viewed on the internet and burned to DVD for the bereaved to view again and again. As a death care provider you can easily offer client families the ability to create a tribute video for their loved one who has passed away.

Using a scanner, a desktop or laptop computer and a tribute video software program, you can edit photographs, arrange in a slideshow format, add captions, motion, and videos. Once the images are scanned into the program, the menu driven tribute video software program guides you through the creation process to craft a audio visual display that will be meaningful for everyone who sees it.

When you meet with the client family member who is planning the funeral, ask him to gather photographs and choose 30 to 40 that best represent the life of the person who has just passed away. If any of the photos include other people in a group shot, ask him to make a note telling you which person is the deceased. When you compile the slideshow, you can use a simple editing feature to zoom in on the correct face.

Scan the pictures into your computer utilizing the tribute video software program. Choose the length of time for each photo to display. Depending on the number of photographs you’re including, you might want to display each photo from 10 to 25 seconds. Be sure to allow enough time for the photo to be seen and appreciated. Use the fade in – fade out feature to create transitions between photos.

Add one or two songs chosen by your client. Your software program should automatically edit the songs to fit the slideshow’s duration. If you are going to show the memorial video during visitation, you can play the slideshow in a continuous loop. If the video tribute will be played during a funeral service, it can be played just once.

As an added benefit, you can burn DVD tribute videos for the family to keep. Plus, the family can upload the tribute video to your funeral home’s website, YouTube or the tribute video company server which is maintained expressly for funeral video tributes. You, in conjunction with the family, will be able to choose the length of time the video will remain online, allowing them to share this special memorial with whomever they choose, for as long as they like.

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