The Archuletta Team Partners With First Team In New Office In Rancho Mission Viejo

The Archuletta Team Partners With First Team In New Office In Rancho Mission Viejo

ORANGE COUNTY, Calif. –The powerhouse that is the Archuletta team has joined forces with First Team Real Estate and opened a community office in Rancho Mission Viejo. With over eight years of being #1 realtors in RMV, the Archuletta’s have done 300+ successful transactions, over $300 million in total sales, and are on track to do $75 Million in total sales in 2022. 


Dave and Julia have always felt a strong connection to their clients, like they’re part of the family. Because of the values that First Team Real Estate and the Archuletta’s share, it was no question the two strong forces come together. This partnership will create an environment that is focused on providing unparalleled support. Where all clients feel like they are part of something special and feel assured that the Archuletta Team will go above-and-beyond their needs in every way possible!


“Building lifelong clients one day at a time” has built the Archuletta brand. Brand is more than just door-to-door advertising and sending out mailers! It is consistent results with executed values. The Archuletta Team believes connecting people to others is one thing that differentiates them. “Connecting people is my passion,” Dave stated. “From creating a softball league, to a wine tasting club, tennis club, or bunco club, it’s all about relationships and people. When people experience authentic connections and I get to be a part of that, people trust that’s how I run my business. I truly believe Julia and I are more than just realtors. We are connectors helping people navigate a better future.”


By building relationships, the Archuletta team is able to grow their business and connect on a much larger scale now with the partnership of First Team Real Estate and Christie’s International. This Rancho Mission Viejo First Team community office is much more than a workspace–it offers an environment that you can grow, learn, and achieve. First Team is looking forward to the fruitful partnership between The Archuletta Team.

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