Fruit output of Gala apple tree really should not be challenge in Las Vegas

Q: I would like a Gala apple tree to match my two Anna apple trees. They are about 12 toes aside. How far from them can I plant the Gala tree, and will there be a issue with cross-pollination or reduction of fruit due to late freezing spring temperature?

A: At 500 chilling several hours for Gala, you shouldn’t have any complications meeting its winter season chilly necessity for developing apples. Anna apple needs about 50 % the chilling hours, but it starts flowering a few of weeks before than Gala.

The decline of fruit creation mainly because of freezing temperatures is far more probably with Anna mainly because it blooms faster. For this reason, if you are having fruit from an Anna apple tree, then you possibly will have no troubles with Gala apple.

Gala apple trees generally develop fruit in August though Anna’s apple creation is close

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