Do Your Subscribers Know What Direction You are Headed?

In the WAV Team Buyer Encounter Index study released this calendar year, we measure subscriber perceptions of in which the organization is headed. Whilst most participating MLSs are perceived to be going additional in the appropriate direction than the wrong, there is space to push residence a extra very clear-reduce comprehending of the vital priorities of the MLS. 

We find two all round culprits for subscribers who don’t consider their MLS is moving in the appropriate way. So let’s just take a search at the two major hurdles I have seen MLSs battle with around the a long time. 

clear goalsPlainly Described Plans

A deficiency of obviously defined strategic plans is just one of the crucial brings about of a deficiency of clarity by subscribers. MLSs with qualitative, non-particular targets like “increase engagement with the resources provided” or “decrease the range of listing entry errors” do not evidently articulate the important

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