A Simpson Strong-Tie Event: Construction Industry and Career Paths for Youths

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Simpson Robust-Tie Instruction Professional/Outreach Coordinator Dan Scullion has given solution demonstrations to engineers, architects, developing officials and construction contractors, but a group of students from Jacksonville Work Corps Centre held him on his toes. 

“Those students came ready. They have been curious and keen to master,” he claimed, amazed by the thoughtfulness — and quantity — of their inquiries. “They requested so several queries, it blew me absent!” 

As a neighborhood outreach coordinator at Simpson Strong-Tie, Dan led the solution demonstration and instruction at a occupation celebration for the college students at the company’s Jacksonville facility. The occasion was co-hosted by Simpson Robust-Tie and Creating Expertise Foundation to expose the learners to professions in construction, as perfectly as to familiarize them with the Simpson Robust-Tie brand name and products.

Simpson Strong-Tie educating youth at a BFT training event
Simpson Robust-Tie educating youth
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96% of construction companies report increase in cost of materials: Construction Industry Federation Economic Outlook.

Press Release
Immediate Release
5th October 2022

96% of construction companies report increase in cost of materials: Construction Industry Federation Economic Outlook.

CIF annual conference takes place, tomorrow, Thursday 6th October 2022 at Croke Park

96% of construction companies have reported a rise in the cost of building materials between June and August 2022, with 85% expecting cost rises to continue to year end, according to the latest Construction Industry Federation Economic Outlook research. This comes as the Government plans to impose a 10% levy on concrete products.

86% reported an increase in the cost of labour over the last three months.

The increasing cost of materials was cited as the top concern for companies over the next three to six months (86%), followed by access to skilled labour and cost of labour (both 72%), securing a healthy profit margin (69%) and the cost of fuel (67%).

Just 12% of

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How 3D Printing in Construction Can Benefit the Industry

If human beings are nothing else, we are adaptable creatures. The unfamiliar can be overwhelming and new processes almost always ignite some pushback. I’m sure in the beginning, the thought of using a 3D printer to produce sustainable construction materials had a crowd of folks scratching their heads. But while this technology can still feel out-of-pocket to some, it’s looking more and more like the industry’s future with a list of successful projects and long-term business advantages to tout.

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The Implosion of the Residential Real Estate Industry

Since the start of the pandemic, the biggest challenge that the residential real estate industry faced had been a lack of inventory.  The number of listings in many markets were at historic lows, and it wasn’t uncommon for listings to get bombarded with multiple offers almost as soon as they hit the market.  This lack of inventory, coupled with record low interest rates and out-of-control inflation, continued to drive up pricing.  Since only one buyer “wins” any bidding war, dozens of people left each negotiation feeling slighted.  With homes selling at record prices within a matter of days, and with so many potential buyers continuing to lose bidding wars, real estate professionals were screaming from the rooftops, “LIST YOUR HOME NOW”.  They knew that these unprecedented market dynamics created a seller’s market unlike anything they had ever seen.  The veteran brokers were all too familiar with the cyclical nature of

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Veterans in the Construction Industry

veteran flag next to handful of tools and hardhat

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The construction industry is enduring a significant labor shortage due to widespread layoffs and resignations during COVID-19. Somebody needs to fill these empty positions, and military veterans are the ideal demographic. Here’s why veterans make perfect fits for many crucial roles in construction. 

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