Victorian Vibes: Five Frightfully Fabulous Homes for the Fall Season

By Grace Cassidy

The Addams Relatives mansion could be the most legendary illustration of Victorian architecture in common lifestyle, with its creepy, kooky and altogether ooky vibes. In truth, when he conjured up a house for Gomez, Morticia and the relaxation of his fictional relatives, Charles Addams drew inspiration from the Victorians in his childhood community of Westfield, NJ.

But how did these 19th-century beauties come to be the archetypal haunted residences crammed with ghosts, ghoul and urban legends? According to Fast Corporation, when Victorian architecture fell out of favor, the style was significantly disparaged as an expression of “vulgar, abnormal, conspicuous consumption”—the McMansions of their day—and at some point became a dusty, cobwebbed relic of the earlier.

Of program, a lot of of today’s homebuyers are far from frighted by the ornate facades and multi-stage dwelling areas of historic Victorian and Victorian-fashion properties. Below are five on the

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