Workforce Planning Takes Guessing Out of the Labor Equation

Construction isn’t like other industries. With most companies, whether they’re selling jackets or making pizzas, they’re handling the exact amount of work their business is designed to handle. Construction is the opposite. There are too many factors that can change the course of a project, and if contractors are guessing their labor number, they’re not going to have the flexibility they need to adjust on the fly. 

Whether a general or mechanical contractor employing 100 people, there’s only a few times a year that lines up exactly with the capabilities of a 100-person company. Instead, they’re yo-yoing between a workload that requires 50 people and 200 people. And they have to make all of those scenarios work. 

Anybody can make cuts when times get hard. But being prepared when the opposite happens? Not so easy. Being able to scale up efficiently when presented with real opportunities and having the systems

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