Laura Hodges House Tour – This Chesapeake Bay Trip Residence Is Hiding a Elegant Key –

Designer Laura Hodges’s newest venture, the remake of a family’s Maryland vacation dwelling on the banking companies of the Chesapeake Bay, was heading to be an physical exercise in difficulty-resolving. “It’s proper on the water, undoubtedly in a flood-prone area,” she explains. “The waves you can see out that window right there were being coming up all the way on to the shore.” The existing dwelling, a previous looking cabin, would have to be torn down. In its location, Hodges worked with Christine M. Dayton Architect to erect a three-story house on stilts, with a carport underneath (to take on storm surges) and a viewing system for the best ground.

As for the living quarters? “You’re like, ‘OK, effectively, up is great, but you know we also have to have area to meet the needs of their increasing family members,’” Hodges suggests with a chortle. The couple’s young ones “probably

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Pensacola Bay Bridge 4-lane reopening in ‘weeks. FDOT suggests

A 7 days after the Pensacola Bay Bridge reopened, authorities say there have been very couple incidents and drivers must be expecting the entire 4 lanes of visitors to be open inside weeks.

The Pensacola Bay Bridge reopened to targeted visitors May 28, 8 months right after sustaining significant problems through Hurricane Sally.

Motorists were being told to expect delays with the reopening as construction is ongoing, and a portion of the four-lane roadway is restricted to two lanes of journey for a part of the bridge, but Florida Department of Transportation spokesman Ian Satter mentioned Friday that while there have been some peak-hour delays, if not there haven’t been any sizeable troubles claimed.

“We’re monitoring the condition quite a great deal 24/7. It’s been a 7 days given that we have opened up the bridge and we knew it would just take some time to get accustomed to the

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