Deaths at age 4, Stacie Fang ID’d

Surfside, Florida-Firefighters endure early Thursday morning immediately after a 12-tale seaside condominium building collapses just north of Miami, killing at minimum 4 persons and leaving an supplemental 159 unexplained. He ongoing to lookup for persons and fought in opposition to smoke and time.

Surfside Mayor Charles Barckett instructed United states of america These days that rescue functions will continue on “until we pull out as lots of folks as possible from the rubble.”

“We will not stop,” he mentioned. “You can be expecting to continue on this look for till you come across every person alive in the rubble.”

But the fire burning underneath the rubble hindered those people efforts, officials said, due to the fact the smoke distribute laterally below a pile of particles.

“This is a incredibly severe fireplace and it is quite challenging to pinpoint its supply, so it is extremely challenging to prevent it,” Mayor Daniella

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How to Make Gardening Easier as You Age

Rachel Baer, 56, loves working in her large garden in East Lyme, Conn., but over time the big jobs have become more physically taxing. Last year, she decided to create a garden with plants designed to attract bees and butterflies. “I had a huge amount of soil delivered,” she says, but distributing it around the garden, something she used to be able to do in one day, had to be spread out over several days. “It was one wheelbarrow at a time,” says Baer, who teaches yoga to seniors. “I had to accept that I wouldn’t get it done at the same speed and rate as I would have in the past.” 

Gardening can be harder on aging bodies. Joints stiffen up, kneeling for prolonged periods hurts, and bending and reaching can strain muscles. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up this hobby. You just may need to

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