Tuscaloosa python continues to be on the loose two yrs following 1st noticed

An albino Burmese Python slithers across the table during a live reptile show at the Tuscaloosa Public Library on July 16, 2019. Weeks before, a yellow python was spotted in the back yard of an Alberta residence, but searches for it proved unsuccessful. [File photo/Jake Arthur]

In a more simple time, before masks and vaccines dominated headlines and, with university football on hiatus, summer time genuinely was the foolish season, 1 story slithered into the collective consciousness of Tuscaloosa and captivated the focus of a community.

Studies commenced circulating on June 18, 2019, that a 15-foot yellow python experienced been spotted in the backyard of an Alberta residence in the location of Arcadia and Windsor Push.

Actually, explained Council President Kip Tyner, who represents Alberta as component of District 5, it was spotted in two yards.

At the exact same time.

“I absolutely know it was authentic simply because I have obtained two incredibly good friends who reside in Arcadia who instructed me that it was in their yard,” Tyner stated, describing that it was so prolonged that it stretched amongst the back yards of two neighbors.

“Knowing them like I do, I unquestionably imagine them,”

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