Editor’s note: On July 26, we celebrate a milestone: The American-Statesman and its team of journalists has been a dedicated part of the Austin community for 150 years. Through times of triumph and tragedy, we’ve been here to tell your stories in 100,000 print editions and even more online in recent years. Help us create 100,000 more editions. If you’re not already, become a digital subscriber today.

Happy sesquicentennial!

Every day since July 26, 1871, readers have held a version of the Austin American-Statesman in their hands.

As of July 25, 2021, that has meant roughly 54,796 days of uninterrupted journalism.

If you combined all the editions of the early Statesman with those of the American and Tribune, which the Statesman absorbed, along with multiple daily editions of the merged papers after 1924, the total comes to almost 100,000 chances to read our words in print.