New York Construction Accident Law

New York Construction Accident Law

New York is a fast-paced city, and construction job sites are fast-paced places. This combination can lead to an environment that is potentially dangerous for construction workers. Often, the amount of money a construction job makes is directly related to how long it takes to complete. When workers and supervisors are under pressure, they may ignore or forget certain safety precautions and find themselves and their co-workers paying for it. Because of this, New York law provides protections for workers. New York construction workers who have been injured on the job may be entitled to damages beyond workers’ compensation, depending on the situation and type of New York construction accident.

Falls and Falling Object Injuries on New York Construction Sites

New York construction workers that have suffered a slip and fall or have been injured by falling objects may have serious injuries as a result. If these types of injuries occur in conjunction with using a scaffold, there are extensive legal protections under New York Labor Law to help accident victims and their families. According to New York labor law Section 240 (the “scaffold law”), the safety of a construction jobsite must be maintained by the supervisors and building owners when it comes to working at height differentials. They may be liable for falling accidents that occur if they fail to provide a safe working environment.

Falls from ladders, roofs, and other heights may be the direct result of an unsafe work environment, and therefore out of the control of the injured person. In these cases, injured workers may be entitled to damages from their employer beyond worker’s compensation. New York is a leader in the nation in providing protection to construction workers against slip- or trip-and-falls with the scaffolding law.

Defective Equipment Accidents in New York

Poorly manufactured or maintained construction equipment can lead to extremely dangerous working conditions. Power tools that don’t function properly or mechanical equipment that malfunctions can leave the user severely injured. In many cases, it is the responsibility of the supervisor to clean, repair, and train workers on the proper use of these items. The manufacturer of the tools used on New York construction sites may also be liable for injuries caused by them, if the tools are defective. Construction workers injured by malfunctioning or defective equipment may be able to recover damages for their injuries with the help of a New York construction accident attorney.

Construction site injuries can be very serious. Construction is one of the more dangerous professions, and in New York, there is a demand for more workers and quicker jobs. However, this does not justify unsafe working conditions and the injuries they cause. To read more about construction workers’ rights, visit, where their experienced New York construction accident lawyers can review your situation and fight for your rights as a worker.

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