How to donate fresh veggies and fruits securely

How to donate fresh veggies and fruits securely

Jake was standing by my elevated backyard garden eyeing the ripe purple tomatoes the other day.

He sat and gazed longingly at the tomatoes he couldn’t attain. I could see his nose sniffing the air.

I walked above to decide him up and carry him within. He ran to the other facet of the back garden and commenced barking and dancing on his hind legs.

As you have guessed, Jake is a doggy. Becoming a dachshund, Jake’s hind legs (and front legs) are reasonably shorter. He would need to have to pole vault to get into my raised gardens.

As I carried him to the home, I plucked a smaller grape tomato. He ate it in 1 chunk and seemed at me with appreciative eyes.

Sadly, I possibly will regret my steps. He will bark for a tomato deal with every single time he is outside.

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