How to create a weather-resistant outdoor kitchen?

How to create a weather-resistant outdoor kitchen?


If you love outdoor parties, an outdoor kitchen is a great convenience. But how to create one that will survive many years or even decades without being affected by the weather conditions? Here are some tips that may come in handy.

An outdoor kitchen may not be the first facility you think of when designing your garden or patio, but once you have one, you see it really makes a difference! No more carrying dishes, plates, and cutlery back and forth – you have everything at hand. Not to mention that cooking outdoors, those who are preparing food can spend time with their guests instead of being stuck in the kitchen. This way, they can enjoy barbecues and summer cocktail parties while getting things done.

Outdoor kitchen units or a self-composed outdoor kitchen?

An outdoor kitchen is much more than just the BBQ – it usually includes taps, counters with shelves, and even a stove. Depending on the demand, they may also consist of a deep-fat fryer and a plancha. You can construct it on your own out of the available elements, using appropriately chosen furniture. However, we recommend buying ready-made sets created for the purposes of outdoor use (like those offered by Alpes Inox). They’re designed to make maintenance easier and maintain maximum resistance to changing weather conditions over time.

Which materials to search for when choosing outdoor kitchen units?

The outdoor kitchen elements should be resistant to humidity, UV radiation, and varying temperatures. That means using standard wood will not be the best option. We recommend going for stainless steel that provides you with the highest level of weather resistance. The safest choice will be AISI 304. Some providers give you an option to choose between a shiny, satin, or matte finish.

If you really love wood and don’t want to give up on it, you can choose a variant with wooden drawers. However, the strategic elements (the countertop and the legs) should still be made with stainless steel. Among outdoor kitchen units UK, you can actually find quite many of such hybrids.

Gas or electric facilities – which will be better for your outdoor kitchen?

If you want to move around with your kitchen unit without any limitations, we recommend going for gas. There are many mobile units on wheels that work with gas, allowing you to prepare delicious meals. You can choose mini versions with one burner or a full-fledged gas stove. Remember, however, that you may run out of gas, so you always have to stay prepared. That’s not an issue if you connect electricity to your outdoor kitchen. To make it even more functional, you can include additional segments in the kitchen and add such equipment as stainless steel electric ovens or dishwashers.


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