How Dance Helped My Friend

How Dance Helped My Friend

“Every frustration indeed, leads us to another triumph and success. Something comes across our path and becomes a turning point! And we will never be the same again!”

I have a friend named Roxy.

She is always a busy woman who is into furniture business and is doing very well. Years ago, she had a shoulder surgery and had a recovery rehab for six months. She was also suffering from chronic headaches and complicated migraine. She had stomach issues as well. She was taking maintenance pills for her migraine and acid reflux medicine for her stomach. For ten years, Roxy was taking proton pump inhibitors for her stomach and for three years she was taking neurontine for her migraine. For all those years, all she can think of is how to get better. The doctors advised her to start with finding an exercise that she likes and enjoys because this will help with her health issues. From then on she started looking around for an exercise.

One day, she randomly went to a dance studio and signed herself up for a jazz class. She didn’t have any idea what a jazz dance class is because she didn’t have any backround in dance. But she signed up anyway, and ended up really loving it. She enjoyed it very much despite having zero dance background and surrounded by ballerinas as her classmates. She felt like she’s in another world every time she’s in the class. At first she felt intimidated because of course she was a newby and her classmates danced better than her. But she just carried on. She discovered that she is happier when she danced, she feels very good with doing simple things in the class like turning and jumping. . . . it sounded simple but for some reason it made her smile and she felt so good that she just danced her best and she goes. . “Yeeehhhaawh!”

It didn’t really have any drastic change in her health at first but soon she noticed that when she stopped dancing, her headache would come back. After six months, Roxy decided to go full out with her exercise and so she signed up for Pilates class as an addition to her exercise regime. With Pilates, she noticed that she became more flexible and stronger. Every time she is in class she became more and more enthusiastic and enjoys it more. She was thrilled and she thought that her exercise routine was enough to help her get better. During that time, I was invited in that dance studio where Roxy was taking dancing lessons. I was a guest ballet, jazz and contemporary dance teacher. When she heard about me, she wanted to take a one-on-one jazz lesson with me to further her knowledge in jazz. But then I ended up teaching her ballroom dance lessons because I remember her saying that she wanted to learn to dance Argentine tango someday. She thought that it’s a very hard and challenging dance to learn but it looks so good and very interesting. So i taught her Argentine tango. Roxy just fell in love with it and became a bit obsessed with it. And she coped up very well and learned very quickly. She never expected that she would love it. Every week, Roxy kept improving getting more into learning it together with her jazz and Pilates lessons as well. Until one day, I told them in the dance school that I am going overseas with my wife to live and dance in a ballet company. Roxy and the rest of the staff in the dance school was a bit sad about my news to them. But I have to move on because I also have my own plans with my wife.

After a few months I was living and working overseas and carried on with my plans. Roxy did stop dancing Argentine tango. She continued to take class from other ballroom dance tutors and to my surprise, she discovered ballet and went for it! She found it hard because she was a “Newby” but continued to do it and added it to her whole dance exercise regime. She filled her whole week with dance and Pilates because she kept her goal to get better and well. After two years of dancing and a year of doing Pilates, she weaned herself from her medicines. She still have occasional headaches due to food triggers but she has not had any major migraine attacks ever since. Her stomach was back to normal, she still managed her diet, her water intake and sleep very well to keep her healthy.

Roxy became very happy, active and healthy. She said that she was very happy that “Dance” discovered her! And she thanked me and my wife for being a part of her quest to get better.

She said that she was very fortunate to have met us!

Good on you Roxy! Keep it up! “Yeeeeehhaaaaawh!”

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