Express Your Condolences With Funeral Flowers

Express Your Condolences With Funeral Flowers

When a loved one departs, it is always a distressing time and soon thoughts are turning towards funeral arrangements and remembrance. For those who have been touched by the life of an individual who has gone on to their final rest, there seems to be no way we can express what the person meant to us during their time on this earth.

The purchase of funeral flowers seems to be the best way to say with a gesture what can’t be expressed with mere words.

The ritual is not new; in fact there is an entire history behind the giving of funeral flowers.

Funeral flowers: their significance and symbolism

It was reputed that flowers were once used to mask the scent of decomposition before the practice of embalming became common place. Today, flowers are a symbol of the love, care and esteem we have for the deceased. They are also a way to show the surviving family remembers how much we care about them and to extend our sympathies.

In regards to what floral arrangements may symbolize, their meaning is clear-we are adding something to the ceremony that is in the bloom of life that will quickly by death-in this way, something beautiful loses it’s light and follows an inevitable end.

The sad romance of the thought is what makes flowers the appropriate item to commemorate the passing of someone near and dear to us.

Types of funeral flowers

There are numerous arrangements that fall under the category of sympathy and each type serves a specific function.

The primary and most popular types of funeral flowers include:

– Casket spray -this is usually a rather large arrangement which sits atop the casket during the service.

– Standing spray – also large, the displayed flowers sit atop an easel and rest beside the casket.

– Wreath – floral wreathes are circular in shape and often include green and brown foliage, baby’s breath and other lovely fillers to give the arrangement visual interest.

– Sympathy cross – generally sent by a religions group, crosses often have flowers that are made into the shape of a cross. These funeral flowers will sometimes have a floral cluster in the center called”swag” for an added burst of color.

– Basket – these funeral flowers, often arranged in a wicker basket, can be set on the floor near the casket.

– Plant – the wonderful thing about giving a plant as opposed to traditional funeral flowers is that the grieving family can take the item home and have a constant reminder of the dearly departed.

– Heart – a beautiful and timeless cluster of flowers that is usually fashioned in the shape of a heart. Relatives and family members usually send this type of arrangement as symbol of undying love.

– Pillow – Flowers cover a rectangular offering that has a base which is made up of moss. Swag usually accents the piece. Pillows are most often sent by close friend and relatives.

– Inside piece – these small clusters of funeral flowers are often the gift of younger relatives and are placed inside the casket with the deceased.

Arrangements range in cost, but no matter which item you choose, the bereaved will know that you cared and that is what really counts.

Locating the appropriate funeral flowers

A professional florist will be able to help you locate the flowers that best convey your sentiments. You can locate a wonderful florist online and have the flowers delivered straight to the funeral home.

Just make sure that you order the flowers well in advance as some companies cannot guarantee second day delivery service. With proper planning you can make sure that you carry on the tradition of heartfelt sympathy and love via the gift of funeral flowers.

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