Basic Considerations When Making Chicken Coop Construction Plans

Basic Considerations When Making Chicken Coop Construction Plans

If you plan to raise chickens, you need to have a basic idea about how to make a chicken coop construction plan. A coop serves a shelter to the chickens and a place where they can lay their eggs.

While some prefer to have professionals build their chicken coop, it can be rather expensive. Building a coop is easy to make and less expensive but you need to lay down a construction plan.


The type of chicken coop to build will always depend on several factors to consider. Foremost is making sure that you provide your chicken a comfortable place to live. Your construction plan must include a dimension that will give each chicken on an average at least 3 to 4 square feet of space to move around comfortably.


This is an important consideration when laying down your dimensional plan to construct a it to avoid making it too small. It is also preferable to take additional measures to make the coop bigger especially when you plan to raise more chicken.


It is also important to consider the climate on the area where you plan to keep your chicken coop. Warm climate can make the chicken uncomfortable and it may require that the coop should have enough ventilation to keep a cooler environment for the chicken. In cold climate, you should ensure that the drinking water will not likely freeze and provide a warmer home to your chicken while keeping good ventilation for fresh air to their coop.


You may opt to construct the chicken coop with an elevation that is beneficial against flooding rains. It can also give a shade for your chickens during the day and keep them cooler during the summer heat. It is also a plausible way to protect your chicken from different predators such as rodents.


Your construction plan should also consider the location where you live. It is important to be aware of the city regulations concerning the distance where you can keep your chicken coop. Also, be considerate with your neighbors by making sure that its design will not devalue a property and you must observe proper sanitation.


Constructing a window along the south side of the chicken coop will allow sunlight to enter the coop throughout the day, which is valuable in the egg production. You must also consider how to build your coop that will allow you to control the smell. You must decide whether you prefer daily cleaning of the droppings or every few days. This decision will affect the way you construct your chicken coop.


Predator control is another aspect to consider with your construction plan. Common predators are dogs, skunks, raccoons, coyote, fisher cats, hawks, and bears. Living anywhere near these predators should prompt you to consider building a predator proof coop. Fencing the chicken coop can be a good idea that will deter predators from preying on your chicken.


You can also learn about other alternative materials that you can use in order to construct a sturdy chicken coop without having to spend more. List down the necessary materials and tools you will need and scout for a cheaper alternative but of the same quality material in the hardware store.


You can always build a good shelter for your chicken by a thorough plan on the basic layout of your construction plans.

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