Managing the Meeting From Hell! Facilitation Techniques to Manage Three Dysfunctional Personalities

Sherry couldn’t stop thinking about her last team meeting as she walked down the hall towards her office. Slamming her office door behind her, she let out an exasperated scream and looked for something the punch! Her team was driving her absolutely crazy and she channeled Scarlett O’Hara as she proclaimed, “I will never run a meeting like that again!” Her problem in a nutshell boiled down to three really difficult personalities that continually recurred on her team. These personalities were indeed a cancer not just infecting the team and its results but also spreading throughout the group and infecting the other team members as well.

Sherry needs an antidote… now!

Here’s a little help for Sherry…and for you! Let’s explore these common dysfunctional personalities and how to effectively manage them.

– The Dominator

We’ve all experienced “the dominator” in one way or another. Some people tend to dominate discussion … Read more ...

Top 6 Construction Site Hazards!

Construction sites are considered the most potentially hazardous and accident-prone parts of any working environment. Excessive exposure to these construction site hazards exposes workers to injury and possible death. To prevent this, a company should know how to identify and be aware of all possible dangers that can be encountered during normal business operations. The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) wants every employee to have sound knowledge of their susceptibility to harm or injury in the workplace.

Listed below are the top six construction site hazards identified by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA):

  1. Electrical- Electricity is one of the greatest hazards to people either at home or at work. Power line workers, electricians and electrical engineers work continuously with electricity and can face exposure to this hazard on a daily basis. At the construction site, the best way to prevent this kind of hazard is for the
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Waterfalls and Ponds: New Aquatic Back garden Developments

Incorporating a beautiful dynamic ingredient to a landscaping style is an simple alternative for bringing tranquility and attractiveness in an outdoor surroundings. In addition to the visual charm it provides to the landscape, it can supply a comforting effect when sitting by a pond or waterfall and listening to the motion of the water.

The set up of a pond or waterfall in a landscaping ecosystem can offer a speedy resolution for emulating nature. The most well-known new aquatic backyard trends consist of the set up of water gardens, effervescent fountains, pond-considerably less waterfalls, and fountains that utilize a rock column.

Drinking water Gardens

A drinking water back garden set up in a landscape style and design is the most up-to-date development in including a touch of nature to a house. Introducing upon to the property can speedily offer an location for floating aquatic vegetation, which includes h2o lilies, in … Read more ...

How To Help An individual As a result of the Grieving Process

In assessing the wants of your grieving man or woman, it aids to absolutely grasp the situations bordering the loss of life. Don’t think the demise of an aged grandparent will be felt the very same as one particular of a 5yr. old little one.

Avoid Cliches

“She is out of agony now,” “It should have been her time,” along with “All factors constantly function out for the bigger good,” are not likely to be helpful. Bear in head, you are going to come across no prepared phrases which will choose away the person’s agony of their decline.

Words and phrases To Prevent Like the Plague:

“Time heals all wounds.” (Simply the passage of time by itself does not heal, although it can aid. Individuals do require time, but at the identical time they want to practical experience the various phases of grief.)

“There need to have been a explanation.” … Read more ...

Commercial Construction Staking

Construction staking for commercial projects is a crucial step in the building process that can directly influence whether a project finishes on time, on budget, and free from errors.  It is in the best interests of the construction company or developer to utilize the skills of a qualified registered land surveyor to perform the staking.  A good surveyor will interpret the plans and layout the project to best fit the site as the designer, engineer, or architect intended.  By having someone with the skills and knowledge of a professional registered land surveyor, the builder can be certain of the accuracy and reliability of the results.

Commercial construction staking is needed for a variety of different projects, including subdivisions, streets, utilities, and more complex, multi-story building sites. Construction staking is, at its most basic, the laying out of survey points on the ground to act as a guide for constructing site … Read more ...